Mahashivaratri Puja - March 11, from 6pm onwards

                                                                            Avantika Shiva
Hari Om, everyone! 
As we have been announcing, since everyone is not vaccinated yet, for this year, we will have online Shivaratri Celebrations, on Thursday, March 11th starting at 6:00 PM!
As usual, we will have 11 rounds of Rudram Chanting with Live chanting.  Everyone can do the abhishekams for the Lingams that you have at home.
We will start with chanting Laghunyasam together and start the pooja with Ganesha dhyanam. When it is time for the abhishekam, our chanters will start with the Rudram chanting.  I will also be doing abhishekam only for a small Lingam.  At the end of each round, I will do the Karpoora Arati to our main deity - Avantikeswara
I will announce the name of each abhishekam as we do them.   The order of the Abhishekams will be as follows:
1. Milk  
2. Yogurt
3. Sesame Oil
4. Ghee
5. Panchamrutam (Mixture of Milk, Yogurt, Honey, Ghee, Bananas, you may 
     add some chopped nuts if you want)
6. Honey
7. Sugar
8. Orange juice or any other fruit juice
9. Coconut Water
10. Chandanam
11. Vibhooti
Of course, you will be using water in between each abhishekam to clean the lingam.
After all the abhishekams are over, we will do the rest of the pooja with Shiva Ashtottara Shatanamavali and Meditation at the end. 
If you want to sponsor the abhishekam, please email me the names of your family members (with their stars etc, if you know). I will do the sankalpam for all the families before the start of the pooja. Suggested donation $101.  You can go to our website and click on the Donate button and choose Shivaratri.  All donations are welcome. 
Please try to join with your family, if possible, and get the blessings of the Lord. 
We will send the zoom link by email please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.u if you do not receive the emails and you would like to get the link.
                                            OM NAMAH SHIVAYA