Chinmaya Mission Ann Arbor Picture Gallery

Here are some pictures from past events at the Mission. Enjoy! (click on the thumbnail to see a larger version)

Below are links to pictures from recent events:

Interfaith Thanksgiving 2018 Interfaith Thanksgiving


Group Pictures May 2017


Swami Ramakrishnanandaji's Lecture Series, Sept 12-25, 2016

O.S. Arunji Concert - July 2016

Swami Chidatmanandaji's Lecture Series, May 5-11, 2016:

Graduation Ceremony May 1, 2016:


Gurudev's Birth Centenary Celebrations May 8, 2015:

Graduation Ceremony and On A Quest Movie May 3, 2015:


Vivekji's Visit Nov 2014


Chinmaya Naada Bindu 2014

CORD Walk-a-thon 2014